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Walden University Online Pograms – Universiteti Walden me studime Online

Albanian Version
Per ato qe duan te studjone tek universiteti Walden , ju mund te plotesoni formen si me posht tek websiti zyrtar i Universitetit http://www.Waldenu.edu Mjafto te aplikoni dhe te prisni pergjigje per aplikimin tuaj , shpresoj qe kjo ju ndimon per te vazhduar karrieren tuaj si student.
Keto jane disa kolegje qe ju japin mundesite per te studjuar ne Amerike dhe per tu bere ai qe ju deshironi te beheni ne jete.. Vizitoni websitin zyrtar dhe aplikoni online http://www.waldenu.edu
English Version
From preschool to higher education, Walden’s education programs can prepare you for a career in the classroom or in administration.
Achieve Your Professional Goals
You don’t have to wait until graduation to start preparing for the next stage of your career when you enroll in an online degree program at Walden.
Our Career Services Center provides personal, one-on-one counseling, as well as a portfolio of online tools and resources that address how to: Search for a new job.

Explore career options in your field.
Build a stronger professional network and brand.
Revise your résumé or curriculum vitae.
In addition to providing individual career counseling, our Career Services team offers practical online tools that you can use at your convenience, including:
Professional assessments that identify your interests and skills.
Listings of online job opportunities and professional associations.
Webinars about job searching, online social networking, starting a business, and more.

Tips on how to write effective résumés and cover letters.
Strategies for conducting strong interviews and building your networks.
Guidance on evaluating job offers and negotiating your salary.
Find out what our online higher education community can offer you.
Request information or speak with an enrollment advisor by calling             1-866-492-5336      . A list of international toll-free phone numbers is available for students outside the United States.